Whether we like it or not, viticulture as practiced today requires the use of machinery and pesticides. Would you believe me if I told you that for 100 years we have known grape varieties that are capable of producing quality wine without pesticides? But that for reasons of lobbying and debt repayment, our governments have preferred to turn to agronomic chemistry? Noah is irrefutable historical proof that our governments prefer to pollute our planet and our health for economic ends. Noah was banned when it was necessary to restructure French vineyards. It was accused of containing too much methanol. However, it has been widely proven that wines made from Noah contain far less methanol than cider or distilled spirits. Despite this, our governments continue to ban it. The health of Bayer and Monsanto is more important than that of the population and the planet.

Grape varieties: Noah

Sites: between Nantes and the Atlantic Ocean

History and tradition: Noah is an American grape variety resulting from a natural cross between Taylor (Vitis Labrusca x Vitis Riparia) and Vitis Riparia. It is one of six hybrids prohibited since 1935 (and included in European regulations): Clinton, Herbemont, Isabelle, Jacquez, Noah and Othello.

Soil: today, the Noah has practically disappeared in France. It can sometimes be found on trellises.

Nevertheless, we remind you that: Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To consume with moderation.

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Price: the price of this cuvée seems adequate to repair the damage caused to our land and our health by 60 years of viticultural pesticides.

Sales : the sales of this wine is strictly prohibited. If you still want to defend the interests of nature, you can contact us on this email

The aromas that can be detected are those of wild strawberries and spices. It's very amusing because it is an aromatic palette that I love to find in my wines made from whole harvests.

Aging potential: if you like young wines, drink the young one, and if you like old wines, wait a while.

Serving temperature: 10-12°

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