Cuvée Epistémê

Cuvée Episteme

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Épistemê, the result of the transmission of know-how and passion. A cuvée in collaboration with Marie Marc, student at the School of Wine and Spirits Business.

The birth of the cuvée

As a student, I was frustrated not having the opportunity to express myself as I wanted. This is where this cuvée was born. Give young people the opportunity to express themselves in their own way through the creation of a wine. The idea of ​​transmission is obviously present, but a transmission of knowledge in action. Allow a student, future professional, to learn differently, by living this particular experience from the inside. We also find the notion of sharing, an important value in the field. It is with this desire that I proposed a partnership to the Burgundy School of Business and the School of Wine and Spirits Business.

Dégustation sur fût de la cuvée Epistémê

Mary's choice

To share this cuvée, I wanted someone who shared the values ​​of the estate. It was the main criteria. We received a lot of applications, and it was not easy to make a choice. After a pre-selection, I was able to discuss with several interested and interesting candidates. When I met Marie, we discussed wine and agriculture. His in-depth knowledge of winemaking and the agricultural world immediately appealed to me. Her attachment to the terroir and to nature made her the ideal person to make the first vintage of this cuvée.

A year of work

Work begins on September 10, 2020 with the harvest on one of our Gamay plots in Beaujolais. Numerous steps in the vat room and in the cellar for vinification and bottling by hand. 300 bottles filled and corked manually according to traditional know-how. To discover or rediscover the different stages told by Marie, go here.

Armand Heitz et Marie Marc en train de déguster la cuvée Epistémê


The idea for this first vintage of Epistémê was to have no limits and to let Marie make her own choices. What I particularly appreciate with this cuvée is that we let ourselves be guided by our desires. There is a story behind this wine and that is what I like to highlight. The choice was made to make a wine close to the terroir, with little intervention during vinification. No added sulphites, no fining and no filtration for this 100% Gamay wine on fruit and freshness.

The epistèmê cuvée will be renewed every year with a new student from the School of Wine and Spirits Business. Applications will begin on July 1 with several original tests to select the future student with whom I will share this vintage.

Mise en bouteilles à la main par Armand Heitz et Marie Marie

The story of this cuvée does not end with the creation of a wine. Following this project and after having validated her master's degree, Marie joined the domain team to take charge of commercial development on the professional part of France.

Armand Heitz

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