L'expérience Armand Heitz, Château de Mimande, Bourgogne

The Armand Heitz experience

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With all due respect to the metaverse, local products and heritage are very real and are made to be shared! The Château de Mimande is a real link between the wines, the meats and the vegetables that I produce. My wish being to have the most virtuous activity possible, here are the experiences that I propose to you to live if you decide to visit me.

Armand Heitz profite du parc naturel de 9 hectares au Château de Mimande en Bourgogne

A preserved place

Just 7 km from Chassagne-Montrachet, I couldn't get closer to the wine coast and my family origins. The Château is surrounded by meadows and fields and tributaries of the Dheune, which ensures the presence of water even in the heat of the heat. The 9-hectare park is home to deer, woodcock, hares, foxes, owls, woodpeckers, as well as century-old trees that help preserve the site.

The lodge

The gîte is an old farmhouse. The renovations were done about twenty years ago. Floor heating, double glazing, insulation; the building has been fitted out while trying to respect its initial charm while being able to offer what we call modern comfort. The floor tiles, the staircase, the doors and various materials have been preserved in order to preserve the original soul of the building. In this cottage, my wish is to be able to welcome people who share my values ​​and who wish to discover the region without breaking with the conveniences of the modern world.

Gîte de charme Armand Heitz Château de Mimande Bourgogne

Bed and breakfasts

Our residence has the privilege of having many original joinery as well as 17th and 18th century elements dating from before its transformation in the 19th century; the interior architecture has been preserved. I am very proud to be able to enjoy these elements resulting from know-how that has often disappeared today. To replace them would be an insult to our heritage and to the craftsmen who participated in this work.

The Château also benefits from the tranquility of the park and a very pleasant view. This isolated frame will allow you to cut through the current world in which we live at two hundred miles an hour.

Venez profiter du calme au Château Armand Heitz et vous déconnecter

I propose here a stronger bias. Castle life has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. You like the architecture, the details of the old, the large volumes, the receptions in the large living rooms, the banquets in the dining room, …; you will also have to like drafts, creaky floors, … everything that I find really brings the charm of such a house.

You will be our distinguished guest. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and you have access to all the common areas of the chateau. A breakfast will be offered. If you have a special request for a dinner or an event, I will also be there to organize it with you.

Living the “castle” experience during the winter months can sometimes be tough for some. There is heating because it would be difficult today to envisage heating 700 m2 with fireplaces as was the case in the past. When the temperature is negative outside, it is difficult to exceed 16°C inside. So yes, it might be a bit chilly in the winter and a bit hot in the summer. This is how I live on a daily basis and I am not unhappy, quite the contrary.

La vie de Château pour les amoureux d'architecture, de détails de l’ancien, de grands volumes, de réceptions dans les grands salons, de banquets dans la salle à manger...


The former owners of the Château were also important farmers. Very often, the properties were directly located in the heart of agricultural activities. The castle still has magnificent farm buildings dating from the 19th century.These outbuildings were used to store hay, house horses, pigs, cows, make wine, thresh cereals, make bread In short, there was life.

It is in these buildings that I would like to welcome you to organize your weddings and events. The philosophy is the same as for the castle. It is important to keep the sense of place. I am lucky to have a female architect working with me on this project. We offer a place connected to its terroir, through the use of materials and know-how; this with the aim of their preservation and to have the least harmful impact on our planet. What I like about heritage is that it behaves like nature. The less he is touched, the better he is.

Grange du Château Armand Heitz à Mimande

We want to highlight the spirit of the old winery. The large wooden doors opening onto the exterior and the presses have been retained, the interior plaster left as is, and the cathedral ceiling overlooking the framework will be highlighted by lighting. In order to be able to accommodate all types of events, the dirt floor will be replaced by a slab, joinery will be created, and an electrical system integrated as discreetly as possible. You will also find the atmosphere of the stable and the orangery in the adjoining rooms.

If you wish to benefit from the Domaine's products, I work with local caterers so that my cows, sheep, wines or vegetables can be served directly for your events.

Armand Heitz au Château de Mimande, lieu préservé et naturel

Our modern way of life is no longer linked to our know-how or our terroirs but depends on short-term administrative and economic constraints. By coming to Mimande, I invite you to disconnect from the modern world, reconnect with nature and give meaning to our presence on earth. An experience that I want to share with you.

Armand Heitz


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