L'instant dégustation d'Armand #4

Armand's tasting moment #4

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For this new tasting, I'm telling you about a champagne that I had the opportunity to taste during my birthday party. It's at the restaurant Au Fil Du Clos in Meursault that we go with my wife to celebrate my 32 candles. The setting is magnificent and the layout of the site has been well designed so that the car parks are well concealed and let vines and trees occupy the view.

Champagne at home is usually reserved for Fridays. So we're breaking that tradition this Thursday, July 23, the day before my birthday 🥂

The restaurant's wine list is extensive, including a fine selection of Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits wines. It's on a champagne that I decide to go to accompany the menu:

  • Tomato Gazpacho
  • Parsleyed ham ravioli
  • Beef bourguignon spirit chuck
  • Blackcurrant and cabbage dessert

I haven't had much opportunity to taste Frédéric Savart's wines, and his cuvée "L'ouverture" is offered at 75 euros, so my choice is made!

First impressions are as follows: an bit austere when the sommelier makes me taste the wine, it is also 2 to 3°C too hot, immediately ice bucket and a few moments in the glass Lehmann champagne bottle and the nose is free.... phew!

Very Pinot, the nose is intense with sour cherries, liquorice or even verbena, it's great💥

In the mouth of delicacies, the mousse very finely coats the palate and makes tasting very pleasant.

The pairings with the different dishes on the menu will work very well. Whether with gazpacho, ravioli, beef or cabbage, this champagne accompanies and enhances the chef's cuisine. Quite fond of low-dosage champagnes, I would have been curious to taste this champagne with a slightly lower dosage 🍾

Very pleasant evening which ended on the restaurant terrace with a nice exchange with chef Jean-Christophe Moutet himself.

Armand Heitz

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