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Armand's tasting moment #5

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Today, I share with you not one but three recently tasted bottles: a Pommard 1er cru Clos des Poutures 2014 from the domain, a Clos Rougeard Le Bourg 2012 and a Meursault Blagny 1991 from the domain Matrot.

Let's specify the context of the tasting: ffa good day for the harvest and vinification. Friends sommeliers, chefs, wine distributors must pass: it smells like an ambush!

Pommard 1er cru Clos des Poutures 2014 Armand Heitz

Pommard premier cru Clos des Poutures 2014 Armand Heitz

Blind tasting is a risky game when you have one of your wines tasted because it is not uncommon for some comments to be harsh. We are among friends, I take up the challenge!

The Pommard Clos des Poutures from the 2014 vintage is a wine that very much represents the style of Pinot Noir that I like. I'm curious to see what my friends think.

The color, as usual, is not very intense, my friends are hesitating between a Pinot or a Grenache with a little age, like the wines of Emmanuel Reynaud. The "whole harvest" spirit is quickly unmasked, my friends quote the Prieuré Roch estate.

Wine pleases and arouses curiosity, I'm delighted!

Saumur Champigny Clos Rougeard Le Bourg 2012

Clos Rougeard Saumur Champigny Le Bourg 2012 dégustation

Blind tasting by my friends. After two rounds, two opinions stand out: some go more for a southern Syrah on a vintage in the spirit of 2014. The others have felt the pyrazine side of Cabernet Franc.

The nose is quite typical of the variety with a nice intensity. The complexity and finesse come with beautiful notes of red fruits.

The palate is full and intense. The wine has a significant tannic mass which brings a lot of freshness but also a bit of austerity for my taste.

The wine was decanted, aerated and tasted straight away.

This is a mythical cuvée for many tasters, that you must have tasted it at least once in your life. Done!

Meursault 1er cru Blagny 1991 Domaine Matrot

Dégustation domaine Matrot Meursault Blagny millésime 1991

Wine tasted again blind, the grape variety and the region are discovered quite quickly, however I am curious to see if the vintage will also be unmasked.

I propose to offer a Meursault 1er Cru Perrières to whoever finds the vintage.

Very complicated on a 29-year-old white wine that has aged very well! No one dares to go that far.

The nose is intensely fresh and minty. The richness and intensity of the nose is also found in the mouth. The freshness keeps the wine perfectly well. The finish leaves on notes of fresh hazelnuts.

Superb bottle and superb ageing!

It's time to go to bed because tomorrow the alarm clock rings early.

Armand Heitz

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