Half-lamb box


Quality meat direct from the producer. Agreeing to buy French, local and on short circuits, and more expensive than in supermarkets, is a militant act in favor of your health, the farming world and the planet.

Box composed of:

- Half the ribs packaged by 2
- 1 semi-boneless shoulder
- 1 whole leg
- 1 bone-in roast
- 2 bags of stew
- 1/2 necklace
- Offal

Weight (for information only): between 8-10 kg

Race: 50% Charolais / 25% Suffolk / 25% Limousin

click here to download the technical sheet

The meat pieces are vacuum-packed.

Store in the refrigerator between 0° and 4°C. Can also be frozen.

See exact DLC on packaging.

Shipping exclusively in mainland France (additional €35). Delivery in 24 hours by appointment (extended if meteorological setbacks). Pick-up at Cellier de Pommard possible.

Details of collection and delivery dates:
Collection on 14/09 at the Cellier de Pommard - delivery to France from 15/09

Shipping respecting the cold chain thanks to our delivery partners.

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