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Armand's tasting moment #7

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For this new tasting, I'm talking about a French wine from the Galouchey estate. It was with great pleasure that I opened this bottle, a gift from my friend Hugo Mathurin, following a sale of second-hand wine-growing equipment. I just tasted a few wines from my cellar which all ended in disappointments. But as you should never stay on a failure, I'll try my luck again with this "Garden Wine".

Bouteille Vin de Jardin du domaine de Galouchey

Normally, I struggle to have a lot of emotions with Merlots from Saint-Émilion or Pomerol. I rather prefer Cabernets from the Médoc, to tell the truth.

I therefore open the "Garden Wine" cuvée from the Galouchey estate from the 2015 vintage, a name that refers to the work carried out by the team on their plots, corresponding more to that carried out in a garden rather than that carried out in a winery less vigilant in the care given to their culture. This small estate is near Libourne, on the opposite bank of Saint-Émilion and Pomerol.

This wine is actually the story of three friends: Marco Pelletier, former head sommelier at Le Bristol and Le Taillevent, Gérard Pantanacce, former decorator and now in the restaurant business, and Jean Terrade, qu 'we could define as a backpacking tour operator.

Marco Pelletier, Gérard Pantanacce et Jean Terrade

Can't wait for the tasting to begin? Me too ! After this little parenthesis, it's time for me to taste.

The color is quite light, a characteristic consistent with the low interventions that take place in the cellar.

The nose, meanwhile, is fine and racy. The aging in wood is quite noticeable but we can say that it is really less marked than many Bordeaux wines.

On the palate, it's fresh and well balanced. We feel that the maturity of the Merlot is under control and the aromatic palette of the grape variety is clearly readable. It's a real pleasure!

The "Vin de jardin" from Domaine de Galouchey is the story of a beautiful story of friends and we live it completely thanks to a well-controlled wine. I highly recommend you try this wine!

Armand Heitz

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