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The Mandala garden in permaculture

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Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. This form was adopted by Buddhists as a support for meditation and in the garden, pre-Inca civilizations used this organization for their cultures more than 3200 years ago.

Mandala de Loaris vu du cielWhat is a mandala garden? It is organized around a center and the plantations are arranged in a triangle, circle, square and they are distributed according to the cardinal points which represent the elements: water in the North with leafy vegetables, fire in the South with fruit vegetables, the air in the east with flower vegetables and the earth in the west with root vegetables. The entrances to the mandala garden are most often located at the cardinal points and the layout of the paths allows you to work, move around and simply enjoy your garden. It is also said that the boars would lose their bearings in these non-linear paths and this would be a good way to avoid their ravages. Planting your garden in the shape of a Mandala is above all a search for osmosis combined with the production of the Earth.

Mandala gardens are all unique because they reflect the inspiration and imagination of their creator.

Bienvenu à Loaris

At the micro farm of Loaris, we naturally chose this form of mandala planting because we wanted to build a garden that was productive and also aesthetic.

Because we are not inventing anything, we were therefore inspired by the mandala garden of the farm of Bec Hellouin of pre-Inca inspiration in the sun and the classical French garden.

We built our garden around a central square where we buried two water tanks and we oriented it along the axis of our plot to make it more functional. When we are in the heart of the garden, we can have a 360° view of all our plants and water it easily.

Our plantations are on mounds and we obtain sufficient yields thanks to the clay soils of the plot. Let's not forget that Loaris is located on the great terroirs of the Côte de Beaune, ideal for wine but not only!

Mélina expllique le Mandala de Loaris

Cultivating our mandala garden is our conviction, our pleasure and our source of personal inspiration. We like to have beautiful natural products to cook and this pleasure that we find on the plate goes so well with a nice bottle of wine! Life is made up of simple little pleasures, here nature spoils us at its own pace!

Do you want to get into this gardening philosophy too? Come see us or contact us to share your experiences!

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