Pommard Poutures Chassagne Maltroie 2014 Armand Heitz

The 2014 vintage

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Ensuring excellence between vintages. Between anecdotes and technical data, Armand tells you about his 2014 vintage.

Let's set the context with some general data on this vintage.

2014 in Burgundy

The 2014 vintage in Burgundy is:

  • A fickle weather...
  • Total precipitation between October 2013 and September 2014: 993 mm
  • A slow but linear evolution of the cycle until flowering
  • Early bud burst on April 5
  • A hailstorm on June 28

On June 28, part of the Côte de Beaune was hit by a severe hailstorm, including the villages of Volnay and Pommard.

Meursault Gruyaches Armand Heitz

My second vintage, full time

The 2014 vintage is very special for me, I finished giving my viticulture lessons at the Beaune wine school to take care of the vines and the estate full-time.

The estate is expanding to 4 ha with plots of Meursault Village (Vireuils, Gruyaches, Durots, Millerands, La Barre), Meursault 1er Cru Perrières and Pommard 1er Cru Rugiens. The vines are managed respecting the principles of organic and biodynamic viticulture.

For the first time, I have the pleasure of welcoming a work-study apprentice to make up for the busy days. Our work focuses on the work of the vineyard and the cellar, an activity that I particularly like.

From mid-August to mid-September, the rain takes a break, which allows us to bring in a harvest in very good health. We begin the harvest on Friday September 12 on the Chevalier and Perrières plots and finish on September 16 with the Rugiens and Clos des Poutures.

Pommard 1er Cru les Rugiens 2014 Armand Heitz

The style of my wines for this 2014 vintage

The 2014 vintage has always had good press on the whites. And to tell you the truth, I have always had a real crush on the Rugiens and the Clos des Poutures on this 2014 vintage. Fine, elegant and very intense aromatically, the 2014 Pinots fill me with joy. This is exactly my vision of this grape variety.

The whites have a very nice balance, they taste marvelously well during this period.

My second vintage whispers in my ear that it was another good year. Pure happiness.

Armand Heitz

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