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Meeting with Olivier Granet

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Olivier Granet is the artistic director of Gaztelur, a former mansion dating from 1401 located a few minutes from Biarritz transformed into a lively, friendly and gourmet place in an exceptional setting. Olivier works there as a real conductor. A perfectionist at heart, he organizes the life, decoration, atmosphere and events of this extraordinary house.

The "Pommard 2018" interview

Can you describe how you taste this Pommard 2018?

Among friends, in Marseille, accompanied by a pâté and country bread.

How do you find the label?


How do you typically drink wine?

As an aperitif, or during a good meal with friends.

Do you remember a particular wine that stood out to you?

Roast coast 2007 – Domaine Niero.

Olivier Granet par Carlos Martinez à Gaztelur

Which wine would you recommend to a friend?

A natural wine, more Burgundy.

You are the artistic director of Gaztelur, a former 15th century mansion transformed into a real cabinet of curiosities, located a few minutes from Biarritz. What are the components of this exceptional place?

As you specified, it is a cabinet of curiosities; a place where an important collection of antiques rubs shoulders with more recent objects, carefully selected during my various travels. Renowned florist Mar Lopez has her shop at the entrance to the estate. She is the one who makes all the flower arrangements. Not to mention the gourmet restaurant whose chef Alexandre Soulier offers audacious cuisine, partly from the vegetable garden, and in close collaboration with local producers.

What is Gaztelur's guideline?

It's an atypical concept, which creates enchantment throughout the visit, and where – almost – everything is for sale.

Le potager de Gaztelur

You travel a lot with your job, what are the countries whose gastronomic culture surprised you the most?

Italy, which offers simple and succulent cuisine, and Morocco for all its flavors.

How do you view the image of wine estates and winegrowers?

A bourgeois, traditional, heritage image.

Finally, your biggest binge was?

JOKER, there have been too many!!

Chemin de Gastelhur
64200 Arcangues

© photographs by Carlos Martinez

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