Rencontre avec Lauralyne Demesmay

Meeting with Lauralyne Demesmay

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Lauralyne Demesmay is a master's student at the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon. Miss Franche-Comté 2018 and second runner-up to Miss France 2019, she has a particular interest in the fashion and beauty sector. Originally from Franche-Comté and studying in Burgundy, wine and gastronomy are part of his way of life and his culture.

The Connivence 2019 Interview Armand Heitz + Château du Moulin-à-Vent

On what occasion do you taste this Connivence 2019?

During a dinner with my parents where we had a fish dish to take away from a restaurant and we said to ourselves that we would accompany it with a good wine. It was the perfect opportunity to open this Cuvée Connivence and it was rather successful because the wine went well with the fish we ate.

Our Connivence cuvée is synonymous with sharing between two winegrowers, what does this concept inspire you?

I think it's a nice and innovative concept, it allows you to discover a new way of doing things, another combination of flavors, different from our habits. It also puts the idea of ​​sharing at the center and since wine is a great synonym for sharing, it's a very nice idea.

Cuvée Connivence 2019 Armand Heitz + Château du Moulin-à-Vent

How do you like this wine?

I like it a lot, we are on flavors of red fruits, with a slightly earthy side, really very appreciable. Usually I'm more white than red, but I particularly liked this one.

When would you like to share this cuvée?

For a nice little evening with friends, or with my parents, whether as an aperitif or to accompany a meal. This is a bottle that could be taken out rather easily.

For what occasions do you usually drink wine?

I'm still a regular consumer, let's say, I go to restaurants a lot in normal times. So whether it's in the restaurant or when I'm cooking, it's always nice to have a glass of wine to accompany the dishes. But always in moderation.

Since when have you been interested in the world of wine?

I've always tasted a little bit from my parents' glass, at first I was only allowed to dip my lips so I've always had this education around wine, but now that I drink it in a more regular, I really pay attention to all the wines I taste, I take notes to remember, etc.

Lauralyne Demesmay

You worked on the Tour de France. Would you rather climb a pass in the company of the yellow jersey and the polka dot jersey, or go down the cellar in a Burgundy estate, on the Côte de Beaune of course?

I think going down the cave might be a better idea (laughs).

You are in a Grande Ecole master's degree at the Burgundy School of Business where wine is present in some courses, how do you imagine the wine of tomorrow?

I like to discover a lot. And when we are in a region we drink a lot of wines from this region so for later why not a greater ease of access to wines from other regions and other countries.

You often work with fashion brands. So you're more Jaquemus style (wide clothes and mini bag) or Armand Heitz style (knickers, high socks and beret?)

(Laughs) You have to know how to adapt, I really like to change my style depending on what I'm doing, so I adapt. Jacquemus or Armand Heitz style, both suit me!

You were Miss Franche-Comté, so rather wine from Burgundy or wine from Franche-Comté?

Not an easy question.I'm still Franche-Comté so I'm going to say wines from Franche-Comté, and I really like everything that is done in the Jura If I had to choose I would say maybe a Savagnin.

What is your best memory related to wine and/or gastronomy?

Hard to choose, I had a lot of good times. But like that I would say the Castel de Très Girard in Morey-Saint-Denis. I had the opportunity to have a meal there and a very nice visit to the cellar. It was magnificent, there were very beautiful bottles, and just the visit to the cellar was quite incredible. I have very fond memories of it.

Interview by Léo Plassard


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