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Armand Heitz's philosophy is to create links with people who have values ​​that we like. Take care of nature and preserve the environment with strong actions, show creativity, imagination. The diversification of our offer has prompted us to develop our relationships with local restaurateurs. We are very proud to work on all our terroirs with chef Angelo Ferrigno, crowned "Grand of Tomorrow" by Gault & Millau last June, and his restaurant Cibo in Dijon.

entrée du Cibo à Dijon voûte

Angelo Ferrigno dans son restaurant le Cibo à Dijon

Strong values

Angelo Ferrigno is a young Burgundian chef who studied at the Maison des Cariatides where he obtained the distinction of the youngest starred chef in France at the age of 23. On June 9, 2020, he opened rue Jeannin in Dijon his restaurant Cibo. After only 4 months of opening, new Michelin star! His locavore approach is radical: no product comes from more than 200 km, a sufficiently wide area according to him. It is both a constraint but also a strength, which allows him to discover and meet the producers. About 60 producers set the pace of the restaurant. A real relationship is built with them in order to offer its customers local, seasonal and quality products throughout the year. For Angelo, gastronomy is not limited to cooking and requires good products.

Le Cibo à Dijon rue Jeannin Angelo Ferrigno

Table du Cibo à Dijon restaurant étoilé d'Angelo Ferrigno


Cibo means food, main food in Italian. The place, very refined, is a 17th century Burgundy stone building. It has a large canopy bringing a very beautiful light. Angelo offers a unique menu for lunch and dinner. An "instinct cuisine dictated by the producer", as he defines it himself. Few cutlery at Cibo, around twenty, a good balance for everyone: Angelo and his team, the producers, but also the customers. Demand is high, and the restaurant is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Even if some complain a little that the establishment is not open on weekends, Angelo knows the benefit for him and his team who arrives on Monday morning with a smile.

Restaurant le Cibo une étoile Michelin à Dijon

Angelo Ferrigno cuisine Armand Heitz filet de boeuf

At the table

Wearing his Jacquemus cap, Angelo received us at Cibo on a Monday afternoon to "cook Armand Heitz". On the menu: Charolais beef fillet smoked with vine shoots. Served roasted in a pan with garlic and butter and seasoned with blackcurrant pepper and fleur de sel from the Alps (200 km requires), "one of the purest in Europe" according to the chef.

Filet de boeuf fumé aux sarments de vigne

Angelo Ferrigno chef du Cibo cuisine

The beef tenderloin is accompanied by beetroot pickles presented in a rosette and a few wood sorrel leaves. You can currently find the fillet on the restaurant menu and other dishes using seasonal vegetables from Loaris (radish, spring onions, Swiss chard, zucchini...). It is rumored behind the scenes that a more pronounced collaboration between Angelo and the estate is preparing... See you soon.

Filet de boeuf Armand Heitz cuisiné par Angelo Ferrigno

Filet de boeuf betteraves pickles Armand Heitz Angelo Ferrigno

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