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The Restaurant Le Neuvième Art is located in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, in the heart of the very chic Brotteaux district. Close to the Tête d'Or park and the Part-Dieu train station, it offers gourmet, contemporary and sophisticated cuisine, using mainly local products. The Armand Heitz estate has been working its wines with pride for several years with this prestigious partner.

Meursault 1er Cru Perrières 2016 Armand Heitz

Table au restaurant le Neuvième Art du chef Christophe Roure

The atmosphere is cozy, the decoration minimalist and contemporary. Linen curtains, soft light, crumpled paper suspensions, light wood tables: every detail is thought out to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Everything is done to enhance the plate. Small side tables serve as a display for the different dishes.

décor d'une table restaurant 9ème Art Lyon Christophe Roure

Holder of three CAPs (cook, pork butcher and pastry chef), chef Christophe Roure has served in prestigious establishments such as those of Paul Bocuse, Pierre Gagnaire and Régis Marcon. In particular, he learned rigor, a sense of detail and the search for perfection. In April 2003, he moved to a small disused station in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, near Saint-Étienne, to open his first restaurant (already named Le Neuvième Art). Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007, the chef puts his sensitivity and creativity at the service of his dishes to arouse surprise and emotion in his guests.

Chef Christophe Roure restaurant 9ème Art Lyon

Le Chef Christophe Roure dans son restaurant Le Neuvième Art à Lyon

On the strength of this career rich in experiences, Christophe Roure decided to start a new adventure, this time in Lyon, in 2014, still with his wife Nati. In 2015, only a few months after opening, the restaurant was awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide. A great reward for this chef aware of the importance of product quality. At Le Neuvième Art, you can enjoy creative gourmet cuisine that showcases local produce.

Cuisson omble chevalier dans de la cire d'abeille au restaurant le Neuvième Art par Christophe Roure

On the menu right now, a great culinary experience: arctic char from the Cévennes cooked in beeswax, lemon butter, fried artichoke. In agreement, sommelier Michaël Pollet suggests the Meursault 1er cru Perrières 2016 from the Armand Heitz estate. “We have a fish with extremely fine flesh, which becomes very soft when cooked with beeswax. It goes well with a Meursault which naturally has this roundness and fatness. A minerality is expressed in the end on this Cru des Perrières, with the beautiful freshness of this 2016 vintage which has a lot of elegance and subtlety. The char worked by the chef with lemon butter brings a touch of acidity that goes wonderfully with this Meursault. »

Accord met vin omble chevalier cuit dans de la cire d'abeille et Meursault 1er Cru Perrières

omble chevalier des Cévennes dans la cire d’abeille, beurre citron, artichaud frit, par Christophe Roure

The Ninth Art
173 Rue Cuvier, Lyon 6th
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