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Art and wine are a great love story. This close link has always existed, at least since Antiquity, no doubt because the artist and the winemaker have a common approach. Whether for the creation or for the transmission of an emotion, they are part of a meticulous work of the living. The drawings of Louise Sheeran intrigue us, delight us and amuse us. We wanted to see them feed the walls of our Cellier à Pommard.

Dessins de Louise Sheeran exposition au Cellier Armand Heitz Pommard

Louise Sheeran is English, she has been living in France for several years, nestled on the hillsides of Auvergne. Fascinated by drawing and wine, she managed to combine her two passions in her daily life: “I have always drawn, since I was little. I always wanted to be an artist. I always drank too, but I started rather 'soft'! During my studies specializing in textile and paper printing, I worked in restaurants and wine bars. In 2010, the year of my graduation, I started working in one of the first natural wine bars in London, Terroirs. That's when my passion for wine really started, tasting these wines that had a story, made by these people who were so passionate about their profession. »

Photographie d'un verre de vin flou oeuvre art

In her works, Louise Sheeran addresses many themes related to wine and its tasting. This is transcribed through characters and their postures. These characters, she surely met them in a wine bar or a restaurant: “They are thirsty! I also look at a lot of photos of tastings, parties, wine events. There are postures that are repeated, ‘tasting’ postures: either critical, or bewitched, or astonished. It is these postures that interest me. »

Exposition d'oeuvres de Louise Sheeran au Cellier Armand Heitz

There is a certain duality between the joyful side of wine, which is exteriorized, and the personal aspect of the feeling of tasting: “Wine is something that brings us together: we party, we share a meal around a bottle but there is also this very intimate, very individual side: the feelings, the emotions that the wine transmits to us. I seek the concentration, the absorption or even the transcendence that a tasting can provoke! Among Louise Sheeran's favorite artists, we find, for example, Milton Avery, a modern painter known in particular for his intimate portraits. But also Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Sonia Delaunay, Etel Adnan or even Renée Gouin and Sister Corita Kent.

estampes en risographie dessins de Louise Sheeran au Cellier Armand Heitz

The exhibition at Le Cellier is made up of 20 works: 10 originals made in ink on paper with a Japanese brush, and 10 prints printed in risography limited to 50 copies. All represent one (or sometimes several) characters tasting wine. The opening took place on Thursday November 18, the day of Beaujolais Nouveau and the release of our New Beaujolais 2021. which make the evening rather than the explicit atmosphere of 'party'! »

Vernissage de l'exposition Louise Sheeran au Cellier Armand Heitz à Pommard

Agnès, Delphine, Gaspard, Jeanne, Marc, Kathy, Simon, Yves, Hélène, René or even Béatrice, all these personalities can be found and discovered at the Cellier until December 18 . Folie Sauvage and Travers from Édouard, a nod to our two cuvées, are tasting tables. There is also Alain, Sinéad, Jessica, Élodie, Cédric, Serge and Hélène. Each one has a story to tell you, just like our wines that you can taste at the same time.The experience is pleasant: sit in front of a work with a glass of wine, and let yourself navigate in order to imagine the life of the person drawn

Exhibition Louise Sheeran at Cellier Armand Heitz in Pommard, on view until December 18, 2021.

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